Press for Stay Inside

  • The influence of John K. Samson still hovers over the sound, though this time it’s less to do with the racing energy and more the intelligent and inventive lyrical style. - Various Small Flames

  • Philly four-piece Spelling Reform is stretching out on its latest record, Stay Inside, beginning with the spirited indie rock we’ve come to know them and building it out into more expansive, contemplative jams in the vein of The Pernice Brothers and late-era Wilco. - WXPN’s The Key

Press for No One's Ever Changed

  • [No One's Ever Changed is] a rollicking, life-affirming power pop mix that takes a cue from the likes of Wilco and Guided By Voices. - Consequence of Sound

  • “For Clair Patterson” is a quirky cut that equally balances acoustics and electrics à la The Pixies. Singer/songwriter Dan Wisniewski combines his love of science with songwriting on the Weakerthans-esque song - American Songwriter

  • [Spelling Reform's] sound as a whole is Neil Young- and Wilco-inspired, but with a little genre-blending twinge to it all. “Expiration Date” starts with a danceable bass, the crash of cymbals, and then the warm, Weezer-meets-Weird Al vocals of Wisniewski. - Impose Magazine

Press for Diving Bell

  • Diving Bell is bound to be one of the best alternative records to hail from Philadelphia and PA this year. - Third Outing

  • As far as indie rock projects in Philadelphia go, it truly doesn't get better than this. - Radio Static

  • Spelling Reform draw from all your fave ‘90s bands (think Pavement, GBV, Wilco), combining front man Dan Wisniewski’s unique vocals and lyrics with playful, guitar jangle. We have a great feeling about this band and are psyched to watch them bloom. - The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Philly rock four-piece Spelling Reform have a classic indie rock sound in the vein of The Weakerthans, The Apples In Stereo, Pixies and Pavement… - WXPN's The Key